Your people are your greatest assets…Train them.

Organizations that aspire to be household names in their industries must continuously train their staff to equip them with skills to face current day challenges.Our training programs are carefully designed with considerable benefit of insights gained from extensive engagement with many organizations from diverse backgrounds, industries and sectors; -these programs offer practical, current day insights that enable organizations adapt and succeed in dynamic environment. Our past and current clients can attest to that our programs help organizations achieve increased employee performance, increased employee satisfaction and ultimately increased organizational effectiveness. The scope of our Trainings is in the following areas;-

  1. Management& Leadership
  2. HR Management
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Customer Service
  5. Business Management

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Your People are Your Greatest Assets- Manage them!

We provide a complete suite of Human Resource Management and Development solutions. AHCL Talent Management & Development Services address the many aspects involved in getting the greatest return on your workforce.

The strength in Anderson Human Capital Programs is our strong and tangible track record of successful past and ongoing assignments in the areas that we focus on. We have offered HR solutions to a wide range of clients from all sectors and diverse backgrounds both locally and in the region. We are backed by a strong pool of associates who are experts in their areas. For every assignment, we are able to deploy a mix of consultants and facilitators, which ensures that specific areas of a program are covered by an expert in that area. Some of our HR Consulting areas are;

  1. HR Policy and Manuals.
  2. Labour Laws Compliance  Audit and Checklists
  3. Job Evaluations
  4. Salaries Surveys & Benchmarking

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