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Your People are your greatest assets.....compensate them equitably to retain them!

Job evaluation is the process of systematically determining relative values of jobs in an organization. The concept of pay equity is important not only from the standpoint of employee morale, commitment, and performance but for compliance with equal employment opportunity laws. The objective of job evaluation is to evaluate the positions within the organization and determine their relative worth. By performing the jobs evaluation exercise, your organization will achieve a number of important objectives, including:-

  1.  Constructing a rational and communicable basis of determining pay packages and justifying different pay rates relative to value contribution.     
  2.  Developing transparency and accountability of the organizations payroll costs.
  3. Maintaining job satisfaction and staff morale.

 We use a system that provides a common criteria and an organizing framework to ensure that these judgments are applied, and can be tested and defended, in an objective, consistent and equitable way.

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