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Labor Laws Compliance Checklist

Avoid costly Non -Compliance costs and lengthy Litigations

Compliance with Labour Laws and statutes that govern HR Practice is important if your organisation is to avoid costly non -compliance costs and lengthy litigations. Non -compliance is a direct threat to stakeholder’s value-It is expensive not to comply. Be Aware;-

  1. Labour laws are very strict when it comes to enforcement of employee rights, eg, in Termination of Employment, Reasons & Process have to be right.
  2. Litigations out of Labour Statutes is at an all-time high.
  3. Burden of proof rests with Employer
  4. Settlement  of Dismissal disputes is expensive, time consuming
  5. HR Policy v/s LAW. Is your Policy CONSISTENT with Law?

We offer consultancy and advisory on Exposure areas including;-

  1. Dismissal- Best Practice on Summary Dismissal, Termination with Notice, Expire of a contract, Resignation, Retirement, Retrenchment, Redundancy.
  2. HR Issues surrounding Termination, Redundancy, Retirement, Expire of contracts.
  3. What are the due processes? What must you do as an employer to be Compliant with the Law?
  4. Financial Planning -Personal and Organizational?

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