From - June 21st 2018      To - June 22nd 2018
Venue - Villa Rosa Kempinski

A discussion of the Best Practices  of HR Management Compliance Requirements in view of evolving nature of Staff Disputes. Best Practices in managing Staff Disputes, Recent Industrial Court Rulings and the Implications on staff management. How are other organizations dealing with challenges on implementing Labour Legislations?

  • Most Common Triggers and Emerging Trends in staff disputes.
  • Contract Issues. Open Contracts. Short Term Contracts.
  • Discipline Procedures. Hearings. Black - spots and how to avoid them.
  • Termination of Contracts, Termination Procedures
  • Recent Industrial Court Judgments on Recent Disputes. Implications of these Judgments on day to day staff Management.
  • Compliance Requirement in OSHA and WIBA. Practical insights on how to overcome implementation Challenges.
  • How are other organizations dealing with these issues?

Emerging issues, Key Concerns, Challenges posed by ed by need to fully comply with HR Management Legislations. This forum discusses evolving sources of staff disputes, Recent Rulings on staff Dispute Cases, discuss Practical implication of determined cases on day to day staff management. Participants share experiences and insights on best practices.Annual HR Compliance Seminar is a forum where all Managers involved in staff Management discuss Practical Best Practices in dealing with:

  • Overview of all Labour Statutes that have significant Non –Compliance Exposure to Organizations (including Provisions in OSHA and WIBA)
  • Evolving and Emerging Trends in Staff Disputes
  • Recently Determined Cases. Where did the Organizations go wrong? What are the Implications on Staff Management? How are other organizations dealing with the emerging Challenges?
  • Practical Insights from Practitioners on how to deal with Challenges
  • WIBA & OSHA Requirements, Challenges and Insight 

Panel of Expert Speakers

Panel of speakers in this forum is drawn from Labour Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, HR Practitioners, who share their experiences based on practical experiences. The speakers will be discussing and giving insights from real case studies and practical past and ongoing experiences, drawn from HR, Labour, Legal, and Health & Safety Practitioners.

Round Table Sessions

This Seminar incorporates Several Round Table Sessions:-

  • Contracting- Casuals, Short Term & Open Ended Contracts
  • Hearings & Termination Process- where are we getting it wrong? Experiences through the eyes of a court practitioner
  • Discipline of Employees pending criminal action-The Procedures


  1. Fees covers all Requirements, i.e., Seminar Materials, Lunches, Teas, Refreshments, Cocktail, Certification
  2. Participants will be given a Certificate of Participation
  3. Organizations sponsoring more than 3 staff will have a 4th attend Free
  4. This Program is NITA Approved (NITA Ref is NITA/TRN/948). Participating organizations are eligible to claim reimbursement from NITA in accordance with NITA rules.

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A Forum for HR Managers, HODs, Line Managers, Unit Heads, Admin Managers, Branch Managers, Directors, CEOs

Fees : Ksh 45000 plus VAT

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