From - March 22nd 2018      To - March 23rd 2018
Venue - Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi

Program Overview
Appreciating Finance by Non Finance Managers and Directors is an important step in enabling them drive value creation for any organization. This Program equips non Finance Managers and Directors with Skills and Competencies that enables them appreciate the Financial Impact of operational decisions by managers at functional level and strategic decisions by the directors at board level.

This highly engaging program enables managers and directors appreciate language of finance, analyse financial information, know which questions to ask, participate fully in financial management discussions and be fully involved in decision making.

Program Benefits
Participants in this Program are able to;

  • Appreciate Key Accounting and Finance Terminologies
  • Analyze and Interpret both Statutory and Management Reports
  • Know what to Look out for in and which questions to ask in Financial Reports
  • Engage Finance Staff Positively and enhance your value in the organization
  • Appreciate the Impact of managers Day to Day Decisions on the Organizations Finances
  • Appreciate Key Drivers of Value Creation in the Organization and managers roles can impact positively to create more value.
  • Identify Clear Roles of Departmental Managers in Financial Decisions and Responsibilities
  • Directors will appreciate their Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Impact of Board Decisions on Finances.
  • Be at Ease with and Contribute to Financial Management discussions.

Seminar Details

DATE 22nd & 23rd March 2018
TIME 8:30AM TO 4:30PM

Course Coverage

  1. Financial Terminologies & Basic Accounting Principles
    • Commonly Used Terminologies
    • Accounting Principle & Assumptions
  2. Accounting Processes and Documentation & Responsibilities & Accountabilities.
    • Statutory Accounts and Management Accounts
    • Responsibilities & Accountabilities
    • Management & Directors Responsibilities
    • Senior Management Role in Chart of Accounts
  3. Financial Statements- Interpretation & Analysis
    • P&L, Balance Sheets, Cash flows Statements & Equity. Linkage.
    • Financial Analysis & Common Ratios
    • What do the Financials say? What to look out for. Questions to Ask.
  4. Financial Ratios, Analysis & Business Performance Measures
    • Measuring Business Performance using Ratio Analysis
    • Profitability Measurement & Ratios
    • Liquidity Ratios
    • Working Capital Ratios
    • Other Key Ratios Analysis
    • Embedding Ratios in Staff Performance & Scorecards
  5. Cashflows and Working Capital Management
    • Working Capital
    • Managers decisions and Impacts on stocks, debtors, creditors and Cash
    • Improving Liquidity through effective day to day management decisions
    • Working Capital V/S Capital Expenditures.
  6. Internal Controls
    • Areas most Prone to Control Lapses
    • Control Activities
    • HODs and Functional Managers role in instituting Controls
  7. Budgeting & Planning
    • Budgeting Process & Types. Role of Activity Based Budgets.
    • HODs Roles in Budgeting.
    • Embedding Organizational Strategy in Annual Budgets
  8. Financing & Investments decisions.
    • Returns on Investments, PayBack Periods
    • Capital Expenditures and Recurrent Expenditures
  9. Cost Management, Break Even Analysis & Improving Profitability
    • Calculating the Minimum Quantity / Volumes to give you Profitability?
    • Managing Costs to Improve Profitability
  10. Embedding a Culture of Value Creation across the organization.

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argeted Participants Directors, CEOs, HODs, Branch Managers, Board Members, Unit Managers, Operation Managers, Admin Managers, Planning Managers, Supervisors and all other Managers, Counties Planning & Budgeting staff, Unit Managers, Planning & Budgeting

Fees : Ksh 45000 plus VAT

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